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Lindsay OG Hash

$250.00  /  0.00385 Ƀ
1 Ounce $250 Effects: Euphoric, Relaxed, Happy Medical: Pain, Stress, Depression THC: 23% CBD: 1.2%

NanoZzz CBD Sleep Aid

$1.00  /  0.00002 Ƀ
A natural alternative for sleeping problems try NanoZzz for a restful nights sleep!

Phoenix Gel Capsules

$16.00  /  0.00025 Ƀ
These phoenix tears are cultivated and selected from only the finest genetics – those usually being high in CBD. They use 99% organic authentic ethanol alcohol to excerpt and winterize the tears, spawning a powerful and purer medicinal-level oil. This product is multi-beneficial, multipurpose and 100% vital to your health and well being. Our product is decarboxylated for easy oral absorption and requires no flame or heating. We recommend this recipe to promote overall body healing and a various range of conditions.

Rockstar Bubble Hash

$120.00  /  0.00185 Ƀ
This hash has the pungent smell of fresh rockstar. Boasting a 40 % THC it packs a punch! Works great for headaches,insomnia pain relief and much more . Try some in your cart today!

Vegan THC Fruit Slices

$11.00  /  0.00017 Ƀ
Vegan fruit Slices they are packing 100 mg per bag