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Jack Flash Wax

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THC: 19% CBD: 1%

Land Cruiser Bubble hash

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Land Cruiser Bubble Hash: Land Cruiser is a Sativa dominant hybrid that produces a strong effect when smoked or vaporized. This particular batch was grown under the sun of the Okanagan producing a familiar aroma that is both spicy and earthy. Land cruiser helps alleviate nausea, it can also help with stomach ailments. Uplifting is what you can expect from this one!

Lemon Kush Crumble

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OG kush Wax Crumble THC 60%-70%

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OG kush Wax Crumble THC 60%-70% Firstly, it is Predominantly yellow throughout. Also, it has crumble and a soft feel,

Peanut Butter Bud Bars

DOSE: 50 mg activated cannabinoids (in one ~25g cookie) PROFILE: CBD dominant – 6.2mg THC, 38.8mg CBD and 5.0mg other cannabinoids INGREDIENTS: butter, skippy peanut butter, white sugar, brown sugar, vanilla, eggs, all purpose flour, salt, baking soda, baking powder

Presidential OG Wax (THC: 82.02%)

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Presidential OG Wax (THC: 82.02%) Presidential OG Wax (THC: 82.02%) Sativa /50% Indica THC: 20% – 23% Presidential Kush, also know

Rick Simpson Oil

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Rick Simpson Oil All forms of conditions and diseases are curable with the use of natural herbs or oil. Just

Rockstar Bubble Hash

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This hash has the pungent smell of fresh rockstar. Boasting a 40 % THC it packs a punch! Works great for headaches,insomnia pain relief and much more . Try some in your cart today!

Sour Diesel Cannabis Co2 Oil

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THC: 59.58% CBD: 2.51%  

THC Ginger Chews 100mg

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Sweeds Ginger chews are a spicy change from your regular edibles. Made with real dried ginger and infused with 100mg of THC per package. 10 pieces per pack with 10mg of THC in each! Try some in your cart today!!!

Vanilla Kush Wax (THC: 78%)

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