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$220.00$1,500.00  /  0.00316 Ƀ
THC: 81%-80% CBD: 1%

Cannabis Peanut Butter Cups

Cannabis Peanut Butter Cups Do you love peanut butter as much as we do? Indulge in these yummy peanut Peanut Butter

Craft Lemon OG Wax

Craft Lemon OG Wax (THC 83.1%) Buy Craft Lemon OG Wax  Online Craft Lemon OG Wax (THC 83.1%) Craft Lemon OG

Dawg Walker OG Shatter

Dawg Walker OG Shatter,  this hybrid weed strain is sure to put you on cloud nine as you explore the world with

God’s Green Crack Shatter

$250.00$1,850.00  /  0.00359 Ƀ
God’s Green Crack Shatter hits like a shotgun and the high is very cerebral and clear…exactly what you’re looking for when

Gorilla Glue Full Melt

$260.00$800.00  /  0.00373 Ƀ
Medical Conditions: Anxiety, Body Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Neck Pain, PMS/PMDD, PTSD

HOT Tahoe OG Cannabis Oil

$300.00$1,000.00  /  0.00431 Ƀ
HOT Tahoe OG Cannabis Oil Buy Tahoe OG Cannabis Oil Online. Tahoe OG weed strain offers a powerful mix of

Island Sweet Skunk Wax

$220.00$2,400.00  /  0.00316 Ƀ
Island Sweet Skunk Wax (78.5% THC) Online Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 80% Sativa / 20% Indica THC: 16% – 25%

Jack Flash Wax

$255.00$2,500.00  /  0.00366 Ƀ
THC: 19% CBD: 1%

Lemon Kush Crumble

$250.00$780.00  /  0.00359 Ƀ

Lemon OG shatter

$280.00$3,000.00  /  0.00402 Ƀ

THC 83%, CBD 0.7